Storm Damage Auburn Alabama

Storm Damage Cleanup Auburn, AL

storm damage clean up in auburn, alStorm damage is a major occurrence in several parts of the world. Strong winds, storms, lightening, or ice storms are always a threat to the health of most trees around. However, trees with underlying health challenges are known to be most vulnerable; trees affected by pests and diseases or with weak structural integrity are surely highly effected during periods of strong winds.

When a tree is susceptible to strong winds, not only is its life at a risk, it also puts its environment, as well as the lives and property around it at a risk too. Humans, houses, cars, and even other plants are at a high risk of being fatally affected when a storm damage results in the falling of a tree. Hence, experts advise that trees should be constantly assessed to ensure that they are strong and less susceptible to storm damage.

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Am I Safe from Storm Damage?

Even though efforts can be taken to strongly minimize the chances of experiencing a storm damage, there is no 100% guarantee that a tree will not be affected. However, damages can either be minor or serious. Minor damages like the breakage of some branches, pilling of skin, etc. may not culminate in any serious damage. Just a little restoration pruning may just be effective enough to put the tree back in shape. Some damages may not even require any form of treatment whatsoever.

Serious damages often consist of tree injuries like removal of barks, split crotches, or even the uprooting of the tree itself. Now, when a storm damage occurs the activities of the people around or the home owners can expose them to a risk or they further worsen the condition of the tree. Hence, experts give a few important guidelines to follow to ensure the safety of lives, properties and that of the tree.

Guidelines to Follow after Storm Damage

Keep Calm: When a storm damage occurs, there is always the tendency for home owners, tree owners or neighbors to try to get fidgety or attempt to salvage the situation. However, being non-professionals, they may be exposing themselves, their property, and/or the affected tree. Hence, it is necessary to keep calm in the aftermath of a serious storm damage, especially if it poses a threat to life and property. The first step to take should be contact relevant professional tree care specialists or firms to assess the extent the extent of the damage. When the damage is assessed, the professionals can, then, get rid of the debris.

Assess the Damage: This is only prescribed if there is clearly no threat to life and/or property in the site. If the tree is not completely fallen (with a tendency to fall at any moment), or if it is in contact with a power line, then, one is required to stay as far as possible from the site. However, if the tree only suffered minor damages, with its root intact, one can assess the extent of the damages on the body. If no major limb is broken, if it is without any serious injury, and if the most parts of the tree is still intact, then you may not need the services of a tree care specialist.

fallen tree laying on top of a house

Stay at a Safe Distance: When there is a threat to human life or property at the site, the, the first thing to do should be to stay at a safe place, while awaiting the intervention of professionals. This is particularly necessary at times when the damaged tree has gotten in the way of a power line, or if the tree is unsteady and likely to fall at any time. In the same vein, if the tree is likely to fall on a home, it is advised that the occupants stay outside and away from the building. Staying at a safe distance is highly important.

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