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A Stump Grinding Machine Removing a Stump from Cut Down TreeTree stumps are the remnant left or the lowest part of the tree that is left not removed, after the trunk or upper parts of a tree. They are usually old, overgrown trees roots which have spread below the ground and at a certain depth. Hence, it can be quite challenging to remove them without leaving a mound on the ground, which then deforms the terrain and makes construction difficult. As it has been established, removing a tree stump and its roots is often not so easy. Here you will find out what options you have in addition to professional removal from the tree care team to remove the stump including the roots and other residues.

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Purposes of Stump Removal

There are a number of reasons why people may require a stump removal. Here are some common ones:

  • To clear a land for cultivation or construction
  • To clear a road path
  • To ensure the aesthetic appearance of a place
man reaching with a chainsaw to cut a branch on a tree

Ways to Remove a Stump

You can remove a stump through any of the following ways

Dig up: A simple and effective method is to dig up the stump. In practice, however, this usually turns out to be more difficult than expected. Depending on the type of tree, it is more or less expensive to uncover the roots. Trees with deep roots such as oak with a 30 to 40 cm deep root system or pine with a root depth of up to ten meters could make your work more difficult.

If you have a saw, you can save a lot of working time using it. First, the top layer of soil should be removed and then the roots cut - for example, with a chainsaw. In any case, you should plan several hours to a full working day for this method.

man cutting a tree with chainsaw

Accelerate decomposition: In principle, the rotting and weathering of a tree stump happen automatically. But since this can take many years and you probably don't have such a tome, this is not an option. But what if you could speed things up by other means? Exactly this is possible: Saw several grooves with a chainsaw into the stump. If you don't have a saw, use a wood drill to drill several holes in the stump. Now you need half-rotted compost, which you can use compost accelerator or organic fertilizer mix. Then fill the whole thing into the grooves or holes of the tree stump and distribute everything evenly.

The decomposition process is significantly accelerated by the microorganisms in the compost. Please note, however, that you should stimulate these organisms again with a compost accelerator after a few months since there are not enough nutrients in the wood. Ideally, the tree stumps after one year are already so decomposed, that you can eliminate the remaining mass with a shovel or axe.

Removal with the stump grinder: What is a stump grinder? The stump grinder - also called root grinder, root stump grinder - is a forestry device that is used to remove tree stumps after tree felling or tree cutting.

The stump with the stump grinder is removed in a concise time, and the remains are removed. Then why doesn't everyone do it? Simply put: root- cutting machines cost several thousand dollars to buy and are also not easy to use straight away. Therefore, many hire a professional tree care firm to do rootstock milling for a relatively low price.

Decorate/let climbing plants grow up: In this method, the stump is not physically removed but disappears behind an optical facade. Here you can be creative: plant new plants or a flower bed around the stump. You can also use the tree stump as a support for your garden figures or flower pots. Another popular option is to grow climbing plants, such as climbing roses. However, this only works if the stump is of sufficient height. Climbing roses also only develop in places that receive enough sun.

Contact Professionals: Getting rid of stumps in your yards or gardens can be a little too difficult to do, if you have only little or no experience. Sometimes, attempts at getting rid of a stump through any of the following ways can culminate in messy results. However, by contacting professional arborists, you are much more likely to have your stump removed quick and neatly.

picture of a tree stump

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