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tree assessment auburnTree assessment simply refers to the examination of a tree by relevant and certified professionals. It is expected that a tree is periodically assessed, ranging from twice to four times a year.

It is one of the most important procedures to follow, to ensure that a tree is constantly healthy and in shape. Tree assessment helps to keep tree owners constantly aware of the state of their trees. It is mostly carried out by professional Arborists and, sometimes, Tree Surgeons.

Non-professional tree owners are generally non-equipped with the tools and expertise to properly assess and diagnose a tree. Hence, there is a need to hire the service of a professional to do the job.

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Importance of Tree Assessment

Asides just the general maintenance of trees, there are a few important benefits of a constant Tree Assessment exercise. Here are a few of them:

Environmental Protection: Professionals are in better position to tell if a tree poses a risk to its environment. Naturally, having a tree around may mean some amount of risk. There are chances of experiencing falling limbs and branches, the possibility of a contact with power line, or the possibility of the tree falling. Tree roots can also pose some amount of danger to structures around them. However, with constant professional tree assessment, tree owners can always ensure the safety of their environment.

Tree Repairs: When a tree is damaged by a storm or as a result of vandalization, a tree assessment is required to tell the extent of the damage and how best it can be controlled. Upon the scrutiny and assessment of professionals, a damaged tree can be effectively treated, repaired, and brought back to life again.

Pruning an olive tree with pruning with chainsaw

Pest and Disease control: The effect of pests and diseases on trees can be gradual and quite difficult for non-professional tree owners to spot or notice. This can culminate into more serious health challenges, or even causing the tree to die or decay. However, with an assessment from a professional, home owners can learn about this and how to control them.

Ideal Growing Conditions: With tree assessment, the growing conditions of a tree is prioritized. Unfavorable treatment, root system, and growth obstacles, and other impediments to a tree’s growth are examined. Consequently, tree owners learn about the ideal and perfect growing conditions for their trees.

Tree Cracks or Injuries: These are major concerns of regular tree assessments. Cracks and other forms of injuries in a tree can make it vulnerable to pest and diseases. It can also affect the structural integrity of a tree, thus, causing it its limbs and branches to fall off, posing a threat to environmental safety. Professional arborists, while assessing a tree, make the search for cracks and injuries a priority. They also offer effective ways to cure and tackle them when they are found on a tree.

Tree Removal: Tree assessment help owners learn if a tree should be removed or not. Non-professionals are not always in the best position to tell if a damaged tree, for instance, can be repaired, or not. With the assessment of professional arborists on a damaged trees, tree owners can learn if a tree is better removed, or if it possess any risk whatsoever to its environment.

Aesthetics and Decorative Purposes: Tree assessment helps home owners know how best to trim their trees or direct its shades in a way that is aesthetically appealing to their environment. When non-professional tree owners attempt to trim their trees or carryout any beauty procedure on them, they tend to hurt or even damage them. However, professional tree assessment helps to learn about the healthiest, safest and more effective way to bring out the beauty in a tree.

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