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Auburn Alabama Tree Cutting and Maintenance

Tree cutting is the total or partial removal of trees, forests, and other vegetation from a region. It is popularly known as tree felling. The cutting down of trees is known to lead to the destruction of the forests, which constitutes one of the world's great calamities. It is a problem for the "health" of the planet. It is a major threat to the ecosystem as well as human and animal life on earth. This is because trees are vital to the availability of oxygen on earth. Although, actions have been taken, in many quarters, to rectify this situation, and significant results have been achieved, yet, the challenges of indiscriminate tree cutting is still quite common.


Even though tree cutting poses a threat to the natural “health” of the earth, it is often carried out for a few beneficial reasons. Here are a few of some of the most important benefits of tree cutting auburn, al.

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Tree removal by trimming tree limbs
man cutting a tree with a chainsaw

Reasons for Tree Cutting

Economic Reasons: There are numerous economic-related reasons for the practice of tree cutting worldwide. The wood from trees can be used to make furniture, roads, houses, and other useful materials. Woods from trees are also great sources of fuel for industrial and domestic fires.

The economic value of wood is a major trigger of deforestation wound the globe. Since some woods are of extreme commercial value, they are often targeted for economic ends. However, this leads to reckless or extreme deforestation.

For Agricultural Purposes: The use of land for gardening, growing of crops, and the rearing of animals drives the practice of felling of trees by small, medium, and large farmers. Trees and other unwanted vegetation are often cleared to forge more extensions of land for the cultivation or protection of livestock.

Mining: Other activities which promote the cutting of trees are mining and construction of hydroelectric dams. These often require the destruction of large areas of natural vegetation.

Urbanization: The urbanization and growth of cities cause large green areas to be deforested. The need to expand industrial hubs, build new residential homes and roads to keep up with the demographic increase, also helps in the deforestation process.

Although man promotes the activities mentioned above, it should be noted that fires and pests also intervene to make trees die or dry out, leading to trees being cut.

Consequences of Tree Cutting

The consequences of tree cutting are proportionate. Although many believe that it is a "necessary evil" for the maintenance of social well-being, especially with the issue of agriculture and extraction, which are essential activities for the development of a country. The problem of tree cutting has taken on unprecedented proportions, endangering the entire biological balance of planet Earth.

Environmental Degradation: The main consequences are related to the environment and everything that concerns it. When cutting trees, all the biodiversity in the area is compromised. Species of animals lose their habitat, and species of plants also join the list of living things being threatened of extinction. And this causes an enormous environmental imbalance, harming even the primary activities, on which many families depend, and also the economy, such as hunting, agriculture, and livestock.

bucket dumping limbs into a dump truck

Erosion: Another issue directly linked to tree cutting is related to changes in the soil and water resources. Cutting of trees from a given area favors the process of soil erosion, as it serves as vegetation cover that helps in the infiltration of rainwater. Therefore, without it, water flows over the soil, causing landslides and erosion. The removal of trees near areas of watercourses also causes landslides deposited in rivers, causing siltation.

All of these issues affect the well-being and quality of life of all living beings on the planet. We all depend on forests, whether for the production of oxygen or the supply of raw materials for the production of items essential to life. If we put an end to this natural resource, through excessive tree cutting, life on earth will be adversely affected. Nevertheless, tree cutting is necessary for the constant production of furniture, fuel, etc. which are necessary for human comfort.

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