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Tree health care services refer generally to the range of direct and indirect activities channeled towards driving and promoting the availability of healthy trees in society.

Tree health care services include tree pruning, bracing and cabling, diagnosing, and all other activities channeled towards promoting a tree’s health. It is the general term for describing all forms of tree care practices and procedures.

Given this, Residential Tree Services, Commercial Tree Services, and all other relevant organizations are best described as a tree healthcare organizations.

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Tree health care doesn’t only refer to the skilled services of tree-related organizations, it also refers to the general care for trees by regular tree owners and persons in the societies. Global tree health care is a course that is championed by several international tree NGOs. NGOs like International Tree Foundation (ITF), One Planted Tree, First Global Tree Foundation, and several others are examples of organizations that believe in the value of tree planting and healthcare in our societies.

Tree health care is upheld primarily because of the value of trees to human welfare in the society. Trees are responsible for the supply of oxygen in our planet. They prevent erosion and help maintain a natural and healthy atmosphere, among several more benefits. Hence, tree health care is believed to be one of the ways of promoting the health of our planet. Campaigns for the planting of trees, against deforestation or cutting of trees, public orientations on how to plant and/or care for tree health, etc. are some the common activities carried out in promotion of global tree health care.

Purposes of Tree Health Care

Promote Reforestation (Trees Planting) and Discourage Deforestation (Tree Removal): One major goal of all kinds of tree health care services or organizations is to promote the life of trees. Even though tree cutting (or removal) is also a part of arboriculture, it is the least emphasized of the lot. Tree removal is only considered when it poses a danger to life, property, or other plants. Reforestation is the primary goal of every tree health-care-related organizations, whether profit or non-profit. This explains the reason for global tree planting campaigns like Trillion Tree Campaign, Plant for the Planet, Trees4Life Campaign, and etc.

Insect and Disease Management: Pests and diseases account for a monumental amount of tree losses in several societies. Insects and diseases affect a tree’s health without the notice of the owners. With time, they affect its beauty, productivity, structural integrity, and these may culminate in the tree’s death. Hence, one of the aims of global tree health care services is to minimize the spread of insects and diseases. This is often carried out by publicly orienting and encouraging tree owners on proper tree care.

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Risk Management: Trees can fall sick and decay without showing notable symptoms ahead of time. This often owes to internal issues like cracks or holes within the tree, without external signs. Consequently, it can be very difficult for non-professional tree owners identify or spot the issue before it becomes too late. Risk management is best carried out by professional arborists with relevant advanced equipment. This also explains why many tree-related organization lay so much emphasis on risk management.

Tree Nutrition: Another major cause of tree loss is the lack of requisite nutrition to ensure that a tree grows hitch-free. Lack of nutrition may impede a tree’s growth, productivity, color, and etc. Now, most non-professional tree owners aren’t equipped with the methods, skills or tools for ensuring this. This is why tree care organizations offer to carry out this service for a fee. With their qualified and experienced arborists, as well as the requisite tools and skills, they are in better position to supply a tree with the needed nutrition to facilitate healthy growth.


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