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Tree Planting and Care of Auburn

tree planting auburn alTrees are known to be indispensable to the survival of man, thanks to the fact that it serves as a source of food and oxygen. With the discovery of its multifaceted benefits, mankind has embraced the use trees for medicine, even shelter, and for the production of valuable commodities. In the present day, the value of trees has grown tremendously, and their functions continue to expand to meet man's needs.

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Having established the importance of trees to man's existence, many individuals have engaged in planting trees in their gardens. A huge chunk of them plants trees to serve a source of shade during the summer while others do it to beautify their environment. Regardless of the reason, the practice of planting trees is good for the sustainability of the Earth.

There are a thousand reasons why we should plant more trees, and these are all equally important. Here are some of the very astounding benefits of tree planting to mankind:


They fight the greenhouse effect: The planet's climate changes faster and faster. Now, this due to gases such as carbon dioxide that ends up in our atmosphere. These gases do not allow heat to be released, thus creating the "greenhouse effect."

Trees act as filters, as they can absorb almost 22 kg of carbon dioxide every year. They also store cellulose in its trunk and return oxygen to the atmosphere. On the other hand, by providing us with shadows, trees prevent us from using certain devices such as air conditioning, from reducing the number of fossil fuels that are burned to produce electricity.

tree freshly planted

Trees help fight erosion: Thanks to their roots, trees maintain moisture in the soil. In this way, the soil on which it is planted remains healthy. That is why it is recommended to plant trees where erosion may be a danger.

This problem is more common than is thought, due to wear by wind, sun, and rain. In areas with little vegetation, the sun hits the ground directly, damaging it. Whereas when it rains heavily, the terrain is completely flooded.

They help us breathe: Trees are essential to make the atmosphere breathable; without them, it would be impossible to live. Along with marine plants and other plants, they are responsible for a fifth of the planet's oxygen. That is why they are known as the lungs of the planet. In just one day, we breathe between 5 and 6 liters of air per minute, for which it is necessary for each person that there are 22 trees.

Trees are essential to make the atmosphere breathable; without them, it would be impossible to live.

Prevent water pollution: By trapping rainwater, trees reduce runoff. This allows the water trapped in its leaves to circulate through its trunks and the land where it is rooted.

In this way, the trees act as a kind of sponge that naturally filters the water, preventing pollutants from reaching the rivers and subsequently, the ocean.

Reduce noise: One of the pollution problems that affect large cities is noise pollution. Trees and plants can serve as acoustic barriers, which would improve our quality of life. For example, having trees close to highways would cut traffic noise in half, making noise levels not considered dangerous to the environment.

Trees are necessary for the existence of all living things. Let us take advantage of this article to reflect on its importance and contribute to its conservation.


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