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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning: Tree pruning is a very important maintenance procedure in arboriculture (the science of growing, maintaining and removing trees). Tree pruning simply refers to the practice of eliminating or removing dead, toxic, or falling limbs and branches, so as to ensure the health of a tree and the safety of its environment. Constant pruning, carried out by professionals, is necessary for a tree’s structure and growth.

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There are tendencies to confuse tree pruning with tree trimming. However, the two practices differ in purpose, intention, and practice. While tree pruning is particularly aimed at getting rid of dead, toxic and/or falling limbs, tree trimming, on the other hand, is primarily aimed at getting rid of overgrown branches for aesthetic reasons. Tree trimming is usually aimed at enhancing the beauty or decorative qualities of a tree, while tree pruning is aimed at a tree’s health.

Here at Tree Services Auburn, AL, we advise that a tree should be pruned a number of times each year, to ensure that it grows strong and healthy. Making your property look the best it can helps with curb appeal and the overall appearance of the land. We have put together a few reasons why tree pruning is good for your trees. Here are some of the important benefits of tree pruning...

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Methods of Pruning

There are several types of tree pruning procedures, based on procedures and purpose. Here are a few of the most prominent ones:

Cleaning: This is aimed at “cleaning” the tree. It is the most common method of tree pruning. It is aimed at getting rid of dead, weak, toxic or infected limbs and branches from a tree, so as to enhance the tree’s health. This means selectively scrutinizing the tree and looking out for “faulting” limbs and branches.

Thinning: This method is employed when there is need to get rid of a tree’s branches. This is necessary if the tree’s limbs and/or branches are constantly falling, and posing a threat to any life and properties in the environment. Another reason for “thinning” a tree’s branches is to allow for the penetration of sunlight through it, and, as a result, enhancing the health of the tree.

Restoration: This is often employed by arborists to help a tree pick-up its form again, after it has been damaged by a storm or in an accident. Arborists carry out this procedure by cutting the tree’s branches into smaller forms, thus, giving it the room to grow out again. This method is known to work best with young trees.

Reduction: This practice of pruning is particularly common in residential areas. It primarily entails the careful removal of tree branches or limbs that have or likely to encroach upon buildings, power lines, sign posts, boards, etc. It is also used to reduce the height or spread of a tree if it is suspected to be likely to encroach upon any object.

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Benefits of Tree Pruning

Tree Care Services advise that a tree should be pruned a number of times each year, to ensure that it grows strong and healthy. Here are some of the important benefits of tree pruning.

It saves your property and environment from the danger of falling limbs: Falling limbs from a tree can pose a serious threat to your safety and that of those in your environment. It is best avoided by well-timed pruning. By constantly pruning your trees, you reduce the chances of having falling limbs, as weak limbs would have been eliminated been eliminated.

It ensures the health of a tree: Pruning helps get rid of diseased or toxic parts or limbs of a tree. As a result, it helps to curb and prevent the spread of diseases. In the same vein, pruning gets rid of excessive branches and limbs so as to allow for the penetration of sun light into core parts of the tree. This also ensures that the tree is supplied with all the sun light it requires for constant growth.

It gives trees a clean and beautiful look: Beautiful trees are vital to the aesthetics of one’s land scape. Now, pruning is a way to ensure that a tree is beautiful and full of life. Pruning helps get rid of rusty, dead, and ununiformed parts of the tree, so as to ensure that it is aesthetically appealing.

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