Tree Removal Auburn, AL

Tree Removal In Auburn

If you are in need of a tree care company in the Auburn/Opelika area we have you covered. If you have a tree or multiple trees that need to be removed from your property, look no further than here! We can remove your trees at the best price in all the area!

Tree removal is a part of agriculture which deals with the elimination of trees often for the benefit of the environment. It refers to the practice of totally removing a tree from a specific location, by cutting it off and getting rid of its stump. Even though the excessive removal of trees is generally frowned at (for reasons bothering on the safety of the natural environment), tree removal can be necessary sometimes, for obvious reasons.

Tree removal by trimming tree limbs
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Some Important Reasons for Tree Removal:

To prevent the danger of a sudden fall:

Safety Organizations advise getting rid of trees which are suspected not to be strong enough. This is particularly important when such a tree is close to a home, property, or when its fall can pose a threat to any life. A tree that isn’t strong enough is susceptible to a sudden fall, when exposed to any serious storm or wind. Hence, getting rid of such trees is important to the protection of life and property.

To give room for the spread of light to a particular area:

Huge trees can provide large shades for relaxation. However, they can also restrict to the flow of light. Large trees, in farms, gardens, can impede the flow of sunlight to other plants, thus, posing a threat to the health and growth of the plants. A large excessively large tree can also prevent the growth of one’s lawns. When it is too close to one’s window at home, a tree can impede the spread of natural light, thus, leaving one with no choice but to get rid of it.

Removing tree limb with chainsaw

To get rid of dead trees:

When a tree dies, it becomes of no use and only constitutes nuisance in the environment. Thus, getting rid of dead trees is important to ensuring the beauty in the environment. Besides, dead trees may pose a risk to life and properties in the environment, as they may be likely to fall suddenly.

To make room for construction:

It is necessary to get rid of trees in construction sites before the building processes begin. In the same vein, trees and tree stump removal is needed to make room for the clearing of a path or road construction.

To maintain your space:

Sometimes, trees can lean in the wrong direction, and, thus, encroach treasured spaces like your driveway, a space close to your house, the road, etc. Getting rid of faulting trees, thus, becomes important.

tree cut into pieces in front of a house

The Dangers of Tree Removal:

Even though you may need to get rid of faulting trees from your yard or environment, it is a very dangerous exercise when carried out by non-professionals. Here are some risks that may pose a threat to life and properties, when non-professionals engage in tree removal exercise.

Wrong and Improper Equipment: The lack of protective gears (which is often worn by head to toe, by professionals) can be a major undoing for non-professionals on a tree removing job. This can often result in fatal injuries. Also, other important equipment like wood chippers, ropes, saws, and cranes, are important to a hitch-free tree falling exercise. The lack of these equipments and the requisite expertise to safely remove the tree may put life and properties at a monumental risk.

Exposure to Power lines: There are often several occasions where the proximity of a tree to power lines is an issue. Now, trying to remove a tree close to a power line is very risky, and would ideally require the service of skilled and experienced professionals. As a non-professionals, when you attempt to remove a tree close to a power line, there are high tendencies you will drive the tree towards the power line. This exposes the people around to the risk of electrocution, or, at best, may affect the supply of power to the neighborhood. Trust the professionals and let Tree Removal Auburn, AL help.

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