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Trees, being living things, need to be nourished, and their appearance must be taken care of to stay upright. This is why tree trimming is used to discard everything that affects the tree, and thus leave it completely healthy. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that a proper tree maintenance from tree trimming Auburn, Al not only benefits the spaces and the people who are in the surroundings, but also stimulates the proper growth of the trees and strengthens their health. Thus, people involved in tree trimming should do a detailed study before doing any work with the trees, making sure that it will be beneficial for everyone.

Tree removal by trimming tree limbs
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Reasons for Trimming Trees

Reduce the risk of infections in the tissues of the tree: During the trimming process, all insect-ridden wood that can completely damage the tree is removed. In the same vein, the canopy's thickness decreases a little to improve ventilation and decrease the chances of the tree becoming infected again.

On the other hand, trimming tends to cut dry, broken, or damaged branches that cannot bear fruit or flourish properly. However, the person who trims the tree must avoid making very large wounds to the tree, removing parts that produce the necessary nutrients so that it remains in good condition.

And at the same time, it is essential that the tools used to do the pruning are clean and disinfected so that they do not cause significant damage to the tree. In this way, the tree can grow healthy and strong and offer a good service to its people.

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  • Improve the quality of fruit and wood: By removing all kinds of infections and pests from the tree, it can produce healthy, good-tasting fruit and excellent quality flowers and wood.

In this way, the proper development of the tree is stimulated, but it also helps to extend the life of the tree and enjoy for a longer time all the advantages it can offer.

For this reason, it is vitally important that the person doing the pruning has the necessary knowledge about caring for the trees, their structure, and the seasons in which this process can be carried out, so as not to mistreat the tree.

  • Control the growth of the tree: This helps the branches spread out properly and create a good balance so that the tree does not fall or split easily.

Apart from this, the fact that the tree grows with appropriate proportions improves its aesthetics and incidentally facilitates the organization and distribution of spaces. Likewise, this is important to control the formation of grafts that can deform the tree and the appearance of fungi that can cause significant damage to its internal structure.

  • Increase the security of passers-by and their belongings: Battered and deteriorated trees are very likely to fall during heavy rains or winds and end up damaging things around or injuring people who pass near them. Hence, it is very important to do good maintenance to the trees every 3 or 4 years to ensure that it will have good stability and firmness, and above all, it will not cause any accident.
  • Improve lighting and promote air passage: Removing dry branches improves the appearance of the tree and facilitates the healing of any wounds it may have. Which helps purify the air and generate a greater amount of oxygen. Also, lighting is improved, and more pleasant and clean environments are created for people.
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