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Welcome to Tree Service Auburn Alabama!  We are glad to service the Auburn and Opelika area for all of your tree service needs! Tree care is an important aspect of owning property or even a business. Keeping up your landscape and trees is not only good for the curb appeal of your property, but it is also very important when it comes to the safety of your family and people on your property.

If there is an old dead tree or structurally unstable tree on your property it can be a danger to those around it. That's why tree service opelika al can help. We offer a variety of different tree care services to keep you and your family safe. If you need a tree removed just search Tree Removal Auburn, AL, and we will be there!

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Tree removal in auburn al

Auburn tree service offers a variety of different maintenance and property care options. We offer these services to keep your property and home looking its best,d so everyone can feel safe.

Knowing that everyone that steps foot on your property is safe will bring peace of mind to you and assure that everyone feels at peace when on your property. That is why we offer a variety of services just for you! These services include:

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Man cutting tree trunk with chainsaw

Tree Removal

As the name suggests, tree removal service refers to the cutting-down of a tree often for the purpose of preserving other plant life, or for the benefit of the environment. Even though it is less emphasized, the removal of a tree is an important part of agriculture. We also do ash tree removal. Now, agriculture is a branch of horticulture (the art or science of cultivating gardens) that is concerned with the cultivation, pruning, transplanting, treatment, and tree trimming, for the well-being of individual plants.

Removing limbs from tree with clippersRemoval is often carried out to eliminate trees that have become hazardous to animals or/and plant life around it. It is also to get rid of dying or dead trees. Arborists can be compelled to remove trees that block the spread of light to facilitate the growth of other plants around it. Similarly, trees occupying spaces for new constructions or building extensions may need to be eliminated.

Taking a tree down is the most dangerous part of agriculture. That is why it requires the services of trusted and professionally certified arborists that are trained to remove such trees. That is why here at Tree Service Auburn Alabama, we have a team of highly trained professionals ready to tackle all of your tree needs, and we have the best tree removal in auburn.

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Tree pruning is a common practice in horticulture. It is a key part of the maintaining of trees to ensure that they grow healthy, in a way that is aesthetically appealing and beneficial to the environment. Pruning entails the removal of the parts of a tree such as its branches, buds, etc. This is usually done for the purpose of getting rid of dead or toxic branches, prevent falling branches, allow for the penetration of light or air through the tree, etc. In general, it is meant to facilitate the general health of the tree.

Even though tree pruning is quite common among horticulturists/arborists, it is a very sensitive practice, as it can have adverse effects on a tree's life or growth. This is because the cutting of any part of a tree can determine how the tree grows, or whether it grows at all. Constant proper pruning is required to ensure that a tree develops healthily, and with a pleasing form and structure. A healthy trim requires the service of professionals who understand the biology of the tree. You can get such professional services from any tree service near you. Tree removal service Auburn AL is proud to offer this service.

Man in bucket truck cutting a limb with a chainsaw

Tree cutting, also known as tree felling, is the practice of cutting down individual trees often as part of the process of logging. Logging, by the way, refers to the cutting and processing of trees into woods which can be used for the production of furniture, and as building materials. Aside economic purposes, people fall trees to clear a land, to create space for building a structure, to avoid the potential danger of a sudden fall, to prevent contact with power lines, and much more.

One general effect of excessive cutting is the tendency to lead to deforestation, which can, in turn, have diverse effects on the ecosystem. Besides, the practice of cutting trees pose some danger, when carried out by non-professionals. Cutting down trees requires that the branches be cut down first; hence, there are chances of falling off the tree, if you decide to cut down your tree without the help of a professional. Also, people and animals around you may be at a risk of being hit by falling branches. That is why you are much safer with the services of a professional tree service company. Tree cutting Auburn Al has been providing this service for years.

A stump is the lowest part of a tree that is left unremoved after the larger part of the trunk has been cut off or removed. Its removal is known as tree stump removal. Now, stump removal is a necessary part of tree removal or tree cutting, as it represents the complete removal of a tree from its place. In logging, stumps can also offer as much economic benefits as the main trunk.

Removing a stump can be necessary for a number of reasons; it helps to clear land for cultivation, to prepare a site for a building process, or to create a path for a road. There are a number of methods to remove stumps; they include burning it, stump grinding, making use of chemicals, or digging it out. These methods make it possible for people to get rid of stumps without needing professional help.

Stump grinding, for instance, is very common among most non-professionals. However, these methods could be cumbersome and extremely difficult. If you need to remove stumps in quick time, you may have to seek professional services. Professional arborists are equipped with the necessary experience, skills, and tools to get rid of stumps safely, quickly, without leaving your land messy.

two men feeding limbs into a tree grinder

Land clearing is the process of eliminating bushes, trees, stumps, and all kinds of vegetation from a piece of land to prepare it for cultivation or for a construction. Depending on the size of the land or the kinds of vegetation or plants on it, land clearing can be just a minor task or a really huge project. If the land to be cleared is large and/or contains large plants or tough weeds, then the use of heavy machinery and qualified workers would be highly required.

There are a few methods of land clearing. They include manual clearing, the use of chemicals, and mechanical machine clearing. Manual clearing entails the use of machetes or hoes to clear the grasses and bushes in a land. It is the safest, cheapest and the most common method of clearing.

However, it is only applicable to small portions of land. The use of chemicals entails spraying herbicides or other kinds of chemicals on bushes and plants to kill them. Mechanical machine clearing requires the use of machines to clear a land. It is the most expensive method, and is applicable to large pieces of lands.

Depending on the size of your land, you can either clear it yourself, using manual clearing, or make use of mechanized machines.

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man cutting through tree limb with a chainsaw

Trees tend to come across certain challenges that may pose a threat to their life and the safety of humans and animals around. Trees going through some sort of structural weakness can have parts of them to fall off constantly, or could even collapse as a whole. The good news is that this can be avoided; the use of bracing and cabling is apt for preventing it.

Tree cabling and bracing refers to the use of flexible steel cables and braces to hold trees together to prevent stress and to keep parts of them from falling off. Cabling and bracing is particularly important to keep weak trees from being completely torn apart by winds, heavy rain fall, snow, etc.

It may be a little difficult to tell if your tree requires some tree bracing and cabling, as weak limbs are always difficult to spot. Hence, if you observe that your tree have had some parts of it fall off for no obvious reason, you may require the services of a professional arborist com come to assess it. Ideally, you should have a professional examine your trees from time to time to ensure that they are in great shape. They would determine whether your tree requires some bracing and cabling.

chainsaw cutting through a tree trunk

Tree trimming service refers to the art of cutting off excessive or overgrown trees, its branches, limbs, twigs, etc. to ensure that it is healthy and aesthetically appealing. It is also carried out to ensure that that sunlight penetrates the most part of the tree. Even though there are similarities between tree trimming and tree pruning, yet, there is a fundamental difference between the two practices. While trimming is basically about getting rid of overgrown parts, pruning focuses on the removal of dead, weak, or toxic branches.

A trim is generally carried out two to three times a year. Professionals advise that it is best carried out during the dominant seasons. It is also safer and much easier to trim off excessive branches when the trees are young. Well-trimmed trees tend to stay healthy and much more productive that non-trimmed ones. Besides, when properly maintained, trees add to the beauty of one’s garden, yard, or environment.

Now, the practice of tree shaping can be very sensitive. When poorly done, it can have adverse effects on your tree. Hence, it is safer to seek the services of professionals. You can locate tree professionals near you by typing and searching on any search engine. Tree trimming cost depends on the amount of work to be done.

A Stump Grinding Machine Removing a Stump from Cut Down Tree

Trees are extremely important to human life, as they essentially supply us with oxygen, food, shelter, and etc. Asides the fact that they are indispensable parts of human life, they also provide vital additions to human pleasure and satisfaction. When orderly planted in our environment, they provide us some aesthetic satisfaction. They also serve as a cool shade for our relaxation times.

The ecological benefits of trees to our atmosphere, plant and agricultural life is one of the key points for the wide spread of the argument for reforestation. Reforestation, by the way, is the opposite of deforestation; it is the replanting of trees in open areas.

Besides its several general benefits, planting trees in your garden, yard, or any ideal place around your home can be of environmental and economic benefits. For instance, they increase the air flow around you while also adding to the monetary value of your homes.

Now, tree planting may be relatively easy for just anyone to do, as long as they can be dedicated enough to monitor its growth. However, a professional arborist or tree company is in a better position to give advice on what kinds of trees to place on your yard, and the exact areas to plant them.

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cutting a tree into pieces with a chainsaw

The planting of trees in your home garden or yard, as well as the practice of caring for them constantly or periodically requires the help of a residential tree service. These are companies or organizations which offer tree planting and care services to residents.

Auburn tree service is ideal for residential tree removal. With professional arborists equipped with the  experience and skills to give your trees top-notch care. They can be consulted on the kinds of trees to plant in your garden or neighborhood, and the specific spots to plant them. They can also be contacted to examine, diagnose, and cure your trees of disease, or educate you on how to prevent them. If our team is not available or are overbooked then we recommend Halls Tree Service. They do great work and are good people. 

Depending on the specific requirements of your trees, residential tree services determine how often your trees are trimmed and pruned. For weak and breaking trees, they can provide some bracing and cabling services. When you need to get rid of a tree or stump anywhere around you or in any sensitive area, they are in the best position to help you out safely and without leaving your soil messy. You can locate tree service companies very easily.

man cutting a tree limb in tree with chainsaw

Just as the name suggests, emergency tree services are organizations which offer any tree-related emergency aid, support or help. When a tree is on the verge of collapsing on your home, or poses any threat whatsoever to your property, any animal or plant life around you, the ideal place to call is a tree care company. Most emergency tree care companies can be reached every single day and any hour of the week via their phone lines.

Most reputable emergency tree services are known to respond promptly to distress calls. When consulted about an emergency, the typical emergency service begins by offering a quick assessment of the needs of clients before sending the right equipment and professionals required to get the job done.

In the event of damaged roofs, a few reputable emergency solutions are known to provide temporal repairs to shelter and keep the home safe. Asides their core response aids, emergency service can be called upon to get rid of trees in sensitive areas without causing any damage to any property, or affecting any plant life. They often feature professional arborists with experience and expertise in tree-related rescue operations.

Common Questions About Tree Services

Tree Removal Cost:

The cost of removing a tree is really depending on the size of the tree and where it is located. If you were to take the average price of a tree removal, the average price to remove a tree is about $700. Smaller ones that are up to 30 feet tall, you will expect to pay between $300-$800. To remove a large tree that is over 60 feet, the price can range from $800-$2,000. Once again, these are not specific prices, these are just ballpark estimates. The actual price will have to be given after a full evaluation of the tree and where it is located. Our tree care company offers FREE estimates, so you will know exactly what to expect! 

How Much Do Tree Services Charge Per Hour?

A professional arborist hourly rate can be between $125-$300. The majority of tree service companies will charge between $225-$425 per hour. The rate per hour really depends on the type of service that you need. These are just the ballpark estimates of what to expect from tree service companies.

Why Is Tree Cutting so Expensive?

Tree cutting can be an expensive task because of the hazards and dangers of the job. If it is a well credible service company they will also have to pay an insurance cost. The special skills, equipment, and labor it takes to remove a tree is a draining process. If you like to keep your shrubbery maintained year round, and you have to pick up all the debris afterward, then you know how much work that is. 


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